Karwar – Discovering Karnataka’s gem

Want to experience a place relatively untouched by tourism? Increasingly, this is the kind of experience that gets harder to find these days.  I haven’t seen such pristine beauty that hasn’t been built on tourism and in a way been ruined. And I think, that’s why Karwar is so dear to me!

Golden shores at Devbaug Beach

There are some places that keep coming back to my mind, these are the places that you never really let go off and you wish to return there often. For me, Karwar and Kannur are two such places. Perhaps, because I’m always partial to the sea 😉

Karwar is known for its pristine, secluded beaches and scrumptious sea food. A city in the Uttara Karnataka district, not only an immediate neighbour of Goa, but an amazing location in itself.

The famous Karwar Bridge

We stay at Ocean Deck Homestay, Karwar. Look no beyond, when you are searching for places to stay. It was the best part of the trip. In every sense, it is home away from home. What makes this place more unique and offers comfortable stay is because to its owner Mr.Vinay, who is always energized and ensures the best stay for his customers.

So what really makes this place so awesome?

  1. The food. This place is heaven for sea food lovers.

    Drooling Assured 😉

  2.  It is situated right on the estuary where the Kali river meets the Arabian sea. How often do you come across places like this that has a river view, sea view and backwaters view.

    View from the homestay!

  3.  The place provides plethora of activities wherein you can indulge yourself. They include machine boat ride, Beach trekking, Kayaking, wooden boat ride, river crossing, fishing.
  4. Other than the above, they can also arrange Island trips ( extra cost).
  5. Lastly, the Kali river that you see in front of the homestay rises during high tide and the water recedes during low tide and you could walk to the Devbaug beach directly from the homestay. Isn’t that awesome?

Sit by the river and watch it joining the sea!

Other than chilling in the homestay and devouring on all the sea food, you could also explore the pristine beaches of Karwar, head to the War Memorial situated at Ravindranath Tagore Beach and take a leisurely ride to the many islands of Karwar.

Devbaug Beach

This happens to be my favourite beaches of all. The secluded stretch of white sand lined with casuarina trees makes for quite a visual treat. Since we stayed at Ocean deck, we walked directly to the beach , crossing the Kali river during low tide and coming across several other scenic points to reach just in time to witness the amazing sunset.

Came across scenic spots like this while walking towards Devbaug beach from our homestay

A great photography spot too!

Walking amidst a Casuarina Grove on the way to Devbagh beach

The golden hour at Devbaug Beach

Tilmati Beach – The Black Sand Beach

The sand here looks like black sesame, which is why the beach is named Tilmati which means sesame (til) and sand (mati) by the locals. You need to hike to Tilmati beach, there is no other way. We drove till the end of the Majali beach. There is a small hill at the end of the beach, Tilmati beach is on the other side of the hill. A small hike accompanied by breathtaking views of the Arabian sea, you will reach the Tilmati beach.

Trekking to Tilmati beach with great views of the Arabian sea

The black sand beach!

This stretch of black sand, spread over 200 metres, is said to be formed when the waves hit the basaltic rocks that are concentrated in this area. It is very rare to find such black grains concentrated only at one particular place. There are no stay options here. Though you can set up your tent here and enjoy stargazing 🙂 May be, next time I should return and experience this too 🙂

War Memorial

One must visit the war memorial to know about Indian Navy and their services. The museum houses a lot of war memorabilia, and a short documentary on the Indian Navy is also shown to the visitors.

INS Chapal was a missile boat of the Indian Navy which had played a significant role during the Indo Pakistan war of 1971. After serving the nation for decades, it now rests on the shores of the Rabindranath Tagore beach.

Rabindranath Tagore Beach

It is said that the Nobel Laureate found inspiration as a poet at the beaches of Karwar when he first visited the place in 1882 along with his brother. Wandering by the mighty ocean brought forth the poet inside, as he penned down his very first play ‘Prakritir Pratishoota’ or ‘Nature’s Revenge’ during his stay here. An annual festival called Karavali Utsav is held on Rabindranath Tagore Beach in the month of January or February.

Kurumgad Island

You could also take up a leisurely boat ride to Kurumgad island and if you are lucky, you can stop Dolphins too. The island houses an ancient temple dedicated to Narasimha, which can be reached by a small trek.

That’s Kurumgad Island.

Majali Beach

Early morning scenes at Majali beach with white seagulls flying above

Other stay options:

Devbaug beach resort
Majali beach resort

Savour the Local food at 

Hotel Amrut and try out Gadbad ice cream for dessert.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your upcoming weekend to Karwar and explore the tranquillity of this little paradise.

Enjoying a beautiful evening at Ocean Deck homestay against a soft pink sky 🙂

P.S. The above reviews are based on my experience and is not paid.

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