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Hi and Welcome to my blog!

I’m Shilpa – a relentless ball of energy or an enthu cutlet as people call me. Currently based in Bangalore with an eye on the rest of the world.

TenderfootTraveller is a platform to share my erratic travel tales. Just started on my blogging journey. Bear with me as I hone my writing skills.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with the idea of travel.  But, it all started when I got my first paycheck and started to explore new places. With time, I would utilise my weekends and squeeze in time, despite a regular 9 to 5 job to pursue my passion for travel. As I explored places, I came back learned with more knowledge and rich cultural experiences. It has helped me understand that despite all the diversity, we all think alike. And above all, I believe it keeps you grounded and less prejudiced.

I’ve spent the last four years working as an HR professional by day and making travel itineraries by night, loving both jobs and never wanting to give either of them up. One for the constant source of income and other to keep my sanity at bay 😉

Some of my fav things include beach days, sunsets, coffee and beer. Always partial to places by sea. 🙂 When I am not travelling, I am planning for my next travel, writing or sharing my travel stories with you all. You will find me most active on Instagram.

You can contact me at shilpa.shashidhar16@gmail.


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